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I'm going to have to say this: I don't believe this "law" actually exists. I did a web search and, while the "dolls have to have human faces" law pops up a lot, the sites with the law are largely parroting each other. I couldn't find an actual reference to any such law in the French legal code (even after going through eight pages searching for "disney dolls in france").

I finally found a site which might prove this so-called law may not be true, unless Disney has carved out a major exemption.

As the url notes, it's a picture of the Disney Store in Paris and if you look closely enough, you'll note the products in the display are Winnie the Pooh characters, primarily Tigger (or "Tigrou" as he's apparently known in la belle France). Also, one of the reviews about the store notes that it also has "nemos,..., mickey mice, bagiras" which I would largely take to mean stuffed animals or "dolls".
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