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Originally Posted by Coughdrops View Post
Exactly. But the cultural appropriation people would have you believe that all cultures everywhere are secret clubs who feel physical pain if an outsider even looks at their culture for too long.
Cite, please?

And, in particular, cite that everyone, or even the majority of those, talking about cultural appropriation thinks this?

You're attacking a strawman.

Originally Posted by Coughdrops View Post
And yes I am excluding deliberate racist and cultural caricatures of course.
What about accidental ones?

Does it only count, to you, if the intention was deliberately malignant?

And at what point, if someone's had it pointed out to them that they're perpetuating a racist/cultural caricature, does their continuing to do so become classed as deliberate? -- though it sounds to me as if you're objecting to anyone's pointing it out in the first place.
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