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Art criticism is a legitimate form of expression, too. (g)You can criticize the critics for criticizing if you want. I won't call you on how hypocritical that sounds; It might have merit at times. But let's not take it to the inanity of comparing it to censorship or (wtf) segregation - or depriving someone of a livelihood! Critics have a livelihood too. Not to mention free speech.

Also, this is particularly stupid criticism of critiques of rap, an art which started as criticism - some of it criticism of the exact kind of appropriation we're talking about. So it's like "whu??" when people act like that very kind of criticism is wrong if it's about rap itself. That's what rap is about! (Now, the really classy rap acts weren't afraid to take that back on themselves - so we have that classic music video with Aerosmith and Run-DMC which seems to bring up the issue of the fact that rap itself appropriated quite a bit. It's not always aimed at others.)

I have a lot of sympathy for people who just want to take their faux bellydancing lessons in private and be left alone. And on the public arts side, we have to admit that appropriation is not always a bad thing. We wouldn't have modern jazz or rock or so many other great arts without it. Blue festivals are full of white people. No one really complains that much. (I'm sure some have so no cites please; I've been to these festivals and no one is protesting.) But if they did, the artists have to take the criticism in stride. Art criticism has been a good thing for the arts. I think the fact that so much is said on the Internet and microblogs and so forth has really improved art. Artists are still trying to find a way to deal with it but they're making some of the best art we've ever seen, IMO.
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