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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
President Obama was
disinterested in the event and viewed it simply as a photo op.
Was he uninterested or disinterested? Because it sounds like he was uninterested.

Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
Black art probably means by black artists.
Yeah, I got that. I was joking about it because, really, unless you are familiar with all of the works, how could you possibly know that the artists are black?

Also, how does astronaut wife lady know that it was Michelle Obama who moved the portraits? Does she get invited to the White House during every administration?

Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
You told us that she's the wife of an astronaut who walked on the moon, and that she works as a hairdresser "in the Galleria area." Assuming she actually exists, your not giving her name won't protect her identity.
Nitpick: the astronaut's wife is not a hairdresser. The astronaut's wife told the story to her hairdresser.

But yeah. It's a pretty small pool of people from which to choose.
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