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Originally Posted by diddy View Post
Or birth control and comprehensive sex education for that matter.
Given that making birth control widely available and comprehensive sex education, are the only things proven to reduce the abortion rate, yet the anti-choice crowd is loudly opposed to’s almost as though their movement is more about controlling women’s bodies than it is about abortion. Who would have thought?

Fred Clark aka Slacktivist, has done several posts on the anti-choice movement, but some of my favorite ones, are pretty much any where he torpedoes the oft-spread mythos that the Religious Right immediately rallied together in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision. Actually, in the wake of Roe v. Wade, most of them had neutral or positive feelings regarding the decision. Heck, in the link, there’s a quote from a Southern Baptist preacher praising the decision, something which would likely cost him his job if it were to happen today. The Catholics were the only Christian religious group to object and it was just seen as an “oh those crazy Catholics and their obsession with birth control” kind of thing.

What brought about the change? Well, as Fred has made clear in that link and many other posts, the change came about due to integration, not abortion. The Religious Right loudly proclaimed their beliefs in segregation and made it the cornerstone of their movement.

The trouble is, eventually they realized that the tide had irrevocably turned and they had effectively lost the debate. They would also lose political power and have a much harder time mobilizing the faithful, if they didn’t find a new issue to rally the troops behind.

Eventually, they settled on abortion and it has been their cornerstone ever since. And it almost serves as an unbeatable trump card. No matter how reprehensibly they act, no matter how toxic and horrible their ideology, they can claim the high ground, by utilizing the abortion card. Hence why there’s been so many variations on this conversation, ever since.

Person X: Your support of [insert legislation/belief/ideology] will lead to poor people losing what little they have.

Christian Right: Well, you support killing babies. Who is the real monster here?!
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