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1. What are the only two letters of the alphabet that each span two volumes of the World Book Encyclopedia?

2. What classic recipe from Italian cooking may derive its name from the Neapolitan ships that brought tomatoes from the New World?

3. From 1893 to 1895, what future literary great was the first woman editor of The Hesperian, the student newspaper of the University of Nebraska?

4. The two longest running musicals in the history of the West End are both principally set in what city?

5. What organization holds its world championship every August in Williamsport, Pennsylvania?

6. What would an ancient Sumerian do with cuneiform?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these landmarks? The British Museum, Copacabana Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marrakesh bazaar, Mount Rushmore, Royal Albert Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge, United Nations headquarters, Westminster Cathedral.
1. X and Q, obviously
2. No idea
3. Nebraska suggests Willa Cather
4. Paris?
5. Williamsport is right down the road from here. Little League World Series.
6. Write
7. The letter 'e'
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