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Well, I said goodbye to my bike of 7 years today. A long relationship for a bike (at least the bikes I've owned). I must admit that for the last 18 months I'd been cheating on her with a newer, lighter bike: it's really been a sham ownership since then. Ever since, I'd just been going through the motions of occasionally inflating her tires, contemplating a truening stand to straighten the wheels out or maybe even some new wheels altogether on account of the rusting spokes... When I got orders to report to Newport, I still wasn't ready to end the lie so I even dragged her along from Annapolis to Rhode Island (though I made it travel via mover's truck as I wanted to enjoy the scenery with my newer, sexier bike, which I mounted on my car for the drive North, so we could go out right away).

Anyways... It's over. I have orders to move cross country and ultimately overseas and I've finally come to terms with things. I took her kickstand on my newish bike (which came without one, but I couldn't bear to strip her of her dignity while I was still carrying on the sham) and have also decided to hold onto her seat in memory of the love we shared. It was very sad to see her in the dumpster, surrounded by trash... I put a sleeping bag I was throwing out with her on top to cover her. I never even took her for one last ride, to taste the wind one more time...

But I don't want to remember her there, in the trash heap with a shroud over her. I'm going to try to remember her as she once was, my first road bike, amongst the rice paddies of Japan:


And now if you'll click on over to the earworm adoption thread, I'll let your earworms play me out...
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