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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
Except Vitter claims (without proof or evidence) that most (all?) employers will quit providing insurance to their employees once the ACA fully kicks in.
Do you have any cites for Vitter claiming that?
Originally Posted by wanderwoman View Post
Unlike the federal government, my employer is going to continue to insure me after the ACA kicks in. The Grassley provision ensures that Congress is getting treated differently than most Americans with large employers who provide health insurance to some extent.
Well, that is in some sense true, but there is some sense in having Congress and its staff subjected to the laws it passes. As I understand it, they also were not under the Civil Service rules (because they are not in the executive branch and serve at the pleasure of the Congressmen involved) but placing them under CS rules for employment conditions - other than hiring and firing - might have been a sensible middle ground, more reflective of the fact that they are working for a large employer which has long provided health insurance options for its full-time employees.
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