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There was a time when it was considered perfectly masculine for men to wear heels, lace, silk, and makeup. Also well into the 20th century, most boys, until they were about five years old, wore their hair long and wore dresses. If dressing like a girl warps a boy, then pretty much every little boy until the WWII-era, was horribly warped and scarred. Like this little boy, who was so warped and scarred by wearing dresses when he was barely old enough to remember it, that he had no choice but to seek and win the presidency four times.

For those being like, "Mouse, what's the point of this lecture?" I did it as a reminder that, like so many things related to gender, what constitutes girls and boys clothing is a societal construct that has fluctuated with time. Plus, if a boy dresses up as a girl and gets bullied as a result, I think the solution is to punish the bullies, rather than ask the victim to cater to the feelings of assholes and reshape him/herself so the bullies will leave them alone.

Though I do raise an eyebrow at the kid going as Harley Quinn. As pointed out, Suicide Squad isn't what anyone would call a kid-friendly movie. Though I'm mostly disappointed that all we see in Harley cosplays, is fetishwear, rather than her animated series costume. I'm not sure why. Not only did she rock that costume, it's hard to take someone seriously as a villain, if any sudden movement would be cause for an arrest.
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