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No Liev Schreiber's son went to Comic-Con as Harley Quinn and looked AWESOME

Why do I put this here rather than in Amusement Bark? Why is it news at all? Hell, I don't even know who Liev Schreiber is.

There's a woman who sits near me at work who has discussed this with several people (she does know who Liev Schreiber is, and seems to be a fan of whatever it is he's in) and who seems kind of disturbed by it. In overhearing bits of some of the conversations, at first I thought it was on the basis that the child might face ridicule from peers (I didn't realize at that point there was any celebrity connection involved, and that it was just the child of a friend or relative or something), which could be a valid concern. There's also a bit of a question as to whether the "Suicide Squad" Harley Quinn is an appropriate costume for a child of that age, which isn't entirely invalid (not the costume itself, which is, after all, basically a t-shirt and shorts, albeit with fishnets added; but it's not really a movie for kids). But later it became clear that she feels that parents should try to at least nudge their kids into their appropriate gender roles.

To be sure, from what I can see, no one she's talking to particularly agrees with her -- no one particularly seems to care much one way or the other, really. She's not someone I socialize with, so I doubt she'll talk to me about it directly, and I didn't feel comfortable butting in. but...'s painful for me to listen to. Partly, of course, because I think it's actually a good thing for parents to allow that kind of expression regardless of gender, rather than trying to limit their kids by the perceptions of society; and for that matter, for everyone who cosplays to be able to do so as whatever character they fancy, irrespective of gender, race, age, or body type.

But largely because there's still a deep-down pang of enormous regret that I never got a chance to dress like a girl when I was that young. The one time I very tentatively suggested the idea for Halloween to my mom, she quickly quashed it -- and I did not press the matter, as I didn't want her to realize that it wasn't just a whimsical suggestion, but something that would have meant a lot to me. (Bear in mind that this was somewhere around 1972 -- few parents would have reacted any differently.)

So, spent much of the morning with a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm sure that there was no intention on the concerned woman's part to cause anything of the sort, and she's generally a nice person. And I kind of hate that all my instincts still say to keep my mouth shut and not draw any suspicion of that kind of behavior to myself.
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