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Theme Icon All Olympics teams included female athletes?

Comment: Is it true that London 2012 is the first games where every
participating country has sent both male and female competitors? I can't
vouch for other media sources, but I've included some examples from one
British newspaper/website:

Example 1: Jane Martinson, 'London 2012 has lit a cauldron for gender

"First, by hook and awkward crook, women are represented in all
participating national teams for the first time"

Example 2: Esther Addley, 'Saudi Arabia's judoka strikes blow for women's
rights at Olympics'

"London is the first Games in which every competing country will field at
least one female athlete"

Example 3: Tanya Gold, 'More young, strong women: that would be an Olympic
legacy to be proud of'

"This is the first Olympics where every competing nation has sent women
and the first where women have competed in every sport, even if the Saudi
Arabian runner Sarah Attar had to run 800m in a hijab."

Example 4: Owen Gibson, 'Rio Olympics should be gender equal, says Jowell'

"The president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, has
hailed the fact that all 204 competing nations have sent male and female
athletes to the Games for the first time, with Saudi Arabia the last to do

Guardian editorial: 'London 2012: the legacy of a flag to share'

"These were a good Olympics for sporting ethos too. London 2012's greatest
milestone was the equality, and in some respects the superiority, of
women's participation. No national team was male-only, for the first

In fact, according to the data that the Guardian published online, and in
the Olympics supplement on 30/07/12, two countries - Barbados and Nauru -
sent no female competitors


1 - Where's the evidence, if any, for such a claim?

2 - Is it all Jacques Rogge's fault? Should he have checked first? Should
journalists have taken him at his word?

3 - Is it possible that any or all of the journalists (and/or Jacques
Rogge) - for reasons best known to themselves - overlooked the inaccuracy
of their claim regarding women's participation for a bigger story about
equality? (i.e. Is there an echo of the domestic violence/Superbowl story

PS: Curiously, Bhutan didn't send any men as part of their team.
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