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Originally Posted by MacLloyd View Post

1. In the flagship version of the Angry Birds video game, players launch their birds at what type of animal?

a cat (I'm probably the only person in the U.S. who has not only never played Angry Birds, I've never seen the original graphics, either).
2. What two U.S. states each have 41.2% of their area covered by water, more by far than any other state of the union?
Utah and Minnesota
3. Robotics professor Masahiro Mori coined what name for the unexpected dip in a graph of comfort level caused by simulated humans beginning to look more and more like real humans?
android angst
4. What current TV show about the Braverman family is loosely based on a 1989 movie about the Buckman family?
Not being a TV watcher, I have no idea.
5. The Brazilian company Embraer is one of the world's largest manufacturers of what?
6. Anzac Day every April commemorates the over 10,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in what 1915 military campaign against the Ottoman Empire?
Gallipolli (which is apparently misspelled, but what the heck).
7. What unusual distinction is shared by these movies, listed in this order? Rocky, Scary Movie 3, Coraline, They Won't Forget, Jaws, Stand By Me, Frequency, Where the Truth Lies, The Ice Storm, A Christmas Story.
No clue, and no funny guesses, either. Sigh. Off to a bad start.

ETA: never mind.