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1. What nation is the only nuclear power in the Muslim world? That would be Pakistan, for the moment.
2. What literary character's name supposedly means "White Skin" in the made-up Mangani language? "Mangani" are the apes, and good ol' White Skin is better known to us as "Tarzan." Wow, those apes are sort of racist, right?
3. What phase is the moon always in during a solar eclipse? The Moon is always directly between the Earth and the Sun during a solar eclipse, so the moon then is always new.
4. Trumpet player Ben Cauley was the only survivor of the 1967 Wisconsin plane crash that killed what R&B legend? RIP Otis Redding. Cauley is still alive today; two other members of Otis's band managed to survive the crash because they didn't fit aboard the soul star's tiny private plane. They flew commercial.
5. Every time the American flag changes to reflect a new number of states, the re-designed flag traditionally flies first over what National Monument? Fort McHenry, where another (less) star-spangled banner famously flew on September 14, 1814.
6. What kind of social event first took place at Peet's Cafe in Beverly Hills in 1998, as the brainchild of Jewish Orthodox rabbi Yaacov Deyo? That was the first speed-dating session.
7. What unusual distinction is shared by these TV shows? The Donna Reed Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Gimme a Break, In Living Color, The King of Queens, Kojak, Little House on the Prairie, Oz, SeaQuest DSV. Each included a pair of siblings in the cast--and not just twins sharing the same role, Full House-style, but two siblings (or step-siblings in a couple cases, I believe) playing two different parts.