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Default This Week's Questions

Per Ken Jennings' request, the trivia challenge discussed on this message board has the number seven question delayed by one week. This is to avoid easy googling of the question which is designed to foil those who would "cheat". If you know the current number seven question, please do not discuss it here.

The Rules of the Thread
1. If you use the thread to help you get answers, do not submit those answers to the official game.
2. No googling until Sunday. No looking anything up anywhere (and posting it) before Sunday. No checking an article in a magazine you read last week. No checking some old notebook from college. No wikipedia. Not even No checking anything, anywhere - until Sunday. Only information that is stored in your brain, or in the brains of your non-snopester friends and family. But you can't use your family members as a work-around to looking up the information yourself.
3. If you google, don't post that information to the thread until Sunday. Not even as confirmation of the guesses of other posters. Someone else might still know the information on their own.
4. No guess is stupid, throw it out there.
5. No Hinting. If you have a guess or a reasonable belief that you have the right answer, post it. If you are attempting to use hinting as a work-around to the no posting googled answers rule, don't.

And remember, this is an exhibition, not a competition, so please... no wagering.

Happy New Year! This is the first of fifty-two installments of Tuesday Trivia you will be receiving in 2013, barring my premature death or nervous breakdown or something. I hope this will brighten your year. (All the free trivia, I mean, not the specter of my possible demise.)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? I STRONGLY disagree, and that's why we archive the official Tuesday Trivia scoreboard over at , if you want to submit your answers and see how you did. Have a great 2013, everybody!


1. In the flagship version of the Angry Birds video game, players launch their birds at what type of animal?

2. What two U.S. states each have 41.2% of their area covered by water, more by far than any other state of the union?

3. Robotics professor Masahiro Mori coined what name for the unexpected dip in a graph of comfort level caused by simulated humans beginning to look more and more like real humans?

4. What current TV show about the Braverman family is loosely based on a 1989 movie about the Buckman family?

5. The Brazilian company Embraer is one of the world's largest manufacturers of what?

6. Anzac Day every April commemorates the over 10,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in what 1915 military campaign against the Ottoman Empire?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these movies, listed in this order? Rocky, Scary Movie 3, Coraline, They Won't Forget, Jaws, Stand By Me, Frequency, Where the Truth Lies, The Ice Storm, A Christmas Story.