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Originally Posted by llewtrah View Post
Anyway, I've always insisted my dead mice are mummified (at this point I am scowling at the cat whom I believe to be responsible for a mummified mouse in th hall cupboard)
My mother had a cat who kept a dried and flat mouse under the fridge and would take it out to play with it. Definitely mummified and not at all noxious/runny etc.

Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
It should be noted that in terms of quality of the "gift" in most crackers, decomposed mouse rates as above average.
This year we had "luxury" crackers and I got a yo yo so cheap I had to tie my own loop in it. It just had a flat piece of string...

The cheapest crackers I ever bought all had a plastic false moustache in them. Every one. One was a strange green moustache.

Originally Posted by Tarquin Farquart View Post
I wouldn't say that, I got a pretty good hair slide once. Shame I don't have long enough hair.
I have fond memories of the Christmas when my mother, grandmother, father and I had a box of 12 crackers and my father got the bracelet, hair-slide and ring while we had cards and miniature screw drivers and magic tricks. We made him wear it for the rest of the day.

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