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I have a not-stupid but hard for me to research question:

One of the ertwins Little A, has exhibited a few things I thought might be signs of stuttering. I Googled, mostly expecting to see something saying that at his age (almost 3) these things were perfectly normal. But, according to a page from the Temple University Stuttering Prevention Clinic, he exhibits several risk factors. That page also says that, under the age of 5, the development of a chronic stutter can be prevented, and it makes a number of recommendations.

Another result from my Google search was an abstract of a scientific paper that seemed to say that there is no evidence that chronic stuttering can be prevented, but that that idea persists among clinicians (or something to that effect). I have no access to the paper itself or ability to do very reliable research into medical questions.

So, I'm appealing to snopesters who might have some knowledge about this subject, either through personal experience or expertise, or better access to the info. What's the scoop? Is there reason to think that changing some of our habits and involving a speech therapist would be a good idea, or is there no evidence for that, or is there affirmatively evidence that it does not help or can make it worse?

On the van thing, my initial comment, which I didn't have time to explain more, was based on my step-father owning and restoring a 1940s vehicle that he and others referred to as a panel van. It was about the size and shape of a pickup truck of the same era, but the back was all enclosed, with two back doors. I thought the "panel van" description was a period one, but it occurred to me after posting that maybe the vehicle was designated something else at the time, and just called a panel van by the people I heard talking about it in the 90s through the present. Those same people would refer to a modern van as just a van or minivan, though.

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