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From the old thread:

WildaBeast, panel vans existed before the 60s. ETA: Actually, now I'm not positive that that term was used then or if it's a more recent term applied to sedan deliveries.
I could be wrong, I had thought that the VW Microbus was the first van as we think of them today, although although I don't know if VW referred to it as such. As they became popular over here the American manufacturers all introduced their own vans in the '60s.

I remember watching an old Lassie episode when I was a kid where Lassie gets trapped in a semi trailer and driven off somewhere, and the characters kept calling the truck a van. I mean I could easily be misremembering since it was so long ago, but it kind of stuck out to me since it seems like an unusual usage. I think that's how I got the idea that van was an old fashioned word for a truck.

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