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I've finally got over the book block and finished The Shock Doctrine. It was great - I feel like I should have read it about ten years ago... (Annoyingly I finished it this morning but added it to my list of November books before realising it was already December).

Also last month, I read Life Moves Pretty Fast by Hadley Freeman, which is about 1980s teen movies and the life lessons that are in them; re-read The Algebraist by Iain M Banks - not a Culture novel, but it's a good one; and I read Dying of the Light, George R R Martin's first novel, which is about a bloke who goes to try to rescue his ex-girlfriend from space Vikings that she was married to, on a temporarily-occupied, mostly abandoned festival planet that's only passing by a star system on its way into intergalactic space. It was interesting - I enjoyed it, mostly - but seemed weirdly old-fashioned although it was published in 1977. I suppose that's quite old-school for science fiction.

I'm now re-reading Matter, another Iain M Banks. Still stuck on The Confession by Neal Stephenson, which is like trying to read a novelisation of The Wealth of Nations in places. But now that I've finished The Shock Doctrine I should get through it more quickly. My problem was that I like to have two books on the go at once - a heavy, more in-depth one, and a lighter one to read between times. The Confession was supposed to be the lighter one, with The Shock Doctrine as the heavier one, but they both turned out to be heavy, which is why I got stuck. Reading Iain M Banks instead was a good idea!
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