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I don't know how, but I managed not to finish a single book during August. This is despite having a couple of long train journeys and a week at home with my parents that should have been ideal times to read without distraction.

I did just finish Aoyade on Aoyade: A Cinematic Odyssey by Richard Ayoade, which I bought with some birthday money, but it's September now so I missed the end of August... In it Richard Ayoade pretends to interview himself about his career as an actor and director, but with an absurd surrealist persona. This is the sort of book I regret reading because although it was pretty funny and I like Richard Ayoade, to an extent it's a bit of a throwaway joke and it doesn't feel like I've really read anything.

I've also been reading some Edith Pearlman short stories, Binocular Vision, but haven't quite got to the end yet. They're good; lots of nice character pieces and subtle writing. But being short stories, no overarching narrative to grip you.

Apart from that, I'm still on The Baroque Cycle (The Confusion), and The Shock Doctrine. To be fair the Neal Stephenson is long, but it's not gripping me like he usually does either. And Naomi Klein always needs a bit of concentration and is quite depressing.

Maybe I'm just bored in general...
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