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Just finished Jonathan L. Howard's sequel to his first Lovecraftian novel, Carter & Lovecraft: After the End of the World. I was hooked on Howard with the first book in his Johannes Cabal series, and Carter & Lovecraft absolutely cemented my admiration for him. After the End of the World completely lives up to his standards, to being a worthy sequel, and to the title. Howard writes in the horror genre with real deftness, and mixes in a good and proper amount of humor. Very readable, very entertaining, and the books are worthy entries into the Lovecraftian sub-genre.

I need to finish the last couple of Johannes Cabal books that my library didn't have, and find his YA series, the "Katya's World" or "Russalka" series. Not in my library system, and not e-books. I may have to purchase *gasp* physical copies!
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