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Originally Posted by mags View Post
I thought veganism was mostly a food choice (although I know they tend to refer to vinyl shoes as vegan), so as long as you aren't eating the fireworks, charcoal, and emery boards, I'd think you'd be ok.
While mostly about diet, it's a lifestyle choice. I don't eat animal products and I don't wear leather, wool, or fur. I try to use bathroom products that aren't tested on animals. However, I don't feed my cats vegan food because it's a compromise I'm willing to make for the sake of the cats in order for them to be healthy and happy in my home. No one is keeping a scorecard and I'm not going to get kicked out of the vegan club for using bone-char produced sugar once in a while (although has been pointed out, it's just as easy to get sugar that isn't produced that way, if not easier).

I do the best I can. I even eat honey sometimes! I know that I am not going to totally turn the American food production upside down simply with my choices, but I feel committed to reducing animal suffering as much as I personally can through my actions.
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