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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
He was likely reacting to something off camera. Or do you think that all babies or children crying in films are watching people getting killed/eaten/injured?
No, it was just COINCIDENCE. Yes, maybe someone was holding up a scary mask JUST THEN off camera to distract him while his father was being killed.

You're such a dork. There is truly no point in arguing with people like you -- you'll always come up with some childish non-sequitur to try to explain your pathetic theory.

Wait. Maybe aliens came down just at that moment! Yes, THAT was what the baby was crying about! No, it was a man in a George Bush mask! No, wait . . .

Yes, anything COULD have happened, dude, but that fact is, IT DIDN'T! It happened just the way it seems to have happened. There were no conspiracies, no scheming filmmakers, no Area 51, just a guy getting killed by lions. WHAT MAKES IT SO DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT THAT?

Such idiots. I don't know why I bother. I notice your pals haven't chimed in to refute my version of THE TRUTH. Where are they with their point-by-point rebuttal at my simple explanation of REALITY?

Huh? You seem to be the only pathetic loser.

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