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I beg greatly to dicker with all the assertions that this was faked. Just because the attack seemed to go on behind the van, it’s quite easy to see that there is a live human being being attacked. Number one, there is no continuity problem with the fact that you see the tourist start walking behind the van — the camera does NOT cut away — and in the first three still photos on the site at

they clearly show a MAN (first photo) being wrestled to the ground from behind. Is that mystery meat? In photo #2 It isn’t particularly clear but if you look carefully you can make out a man’s arm raised in a defensive posture as he’s being overwhelmed, and you see he’s making a fist. See, he’s wearing the same dark jacket as he was wearing just before he went behind the van.

And the camera operator probably wanted to stay behind the van because he was terrified he’d be next if the lions saw him. And I’ll bet the real reason there is no sound is because the soundtrack was possily more horrible than the video, so someone removed it. Would YOU like the world to hear your husband’s screams in the last moments of his life?

in #3 you can CLEARLY SEE A MAN’S ARM AND HAND, with the lion’s paw over the man’s shoulder, trying to bite the man’s face. You even make out that he’s wearing a watch. (Are you also going to tell me that’s a fake lion? A circus lion just playing? Maybe imported to this safari camp for this express purpose? Give me a break. You can’t Photoshop a video.)

Who’s to know why the cameraman gave a “reaction shot” — he’s probably in shock and forgetting to take the camera away from his face, possibly wondering why no one is doing anything.

And is that also a “fake” baby crying in shock and obvious horror?

Sorry, people. This really happened. Or perhaps the World Trade Center WASN’T attacked by nineteen Arab hijackers in planes — George Bush and the Jews planned it all to provoke a war with Iran.

And all the moon landing were made on an elaborate soundstage in Hollywood to get even with the Russians.

C’mon, people, use your intelligence.

Awhile back, on, I saw an astonishing photo of a 747 seeming to be about to land on a beach.

Of course, everyone screamed “fake”!! Obviously fake! But it seems there’s an airport called Princess Juliana in St. Maarten (Google it) where the planes ALWAYS land like that. Once a 747’s wheels clipped the perimiter fence on the road abutting the beach. I have a whole DVD which shows these planes landing like that.


But I guess conspiracy theorists will only see what they want to see, but ignore reality.
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