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1. What was traditionally located on an Old West town's "Boot Hill"?

I've only been to one old west town, Tombstone, and Boot Hill was the location of the cemetery.

2. A new study in Nature Geoscience magazine blames toxic algae in Monterey Bay for the real-life event that inspired what classic 1963 thriller?

A guess here, but I'm thinking that it is The Blob.

3. The site of what venerable stadium is now the Citi Field parking lot?

Tiger Stadium?

4. What country's southernmost city is Sanya, on Hainan Island?


5. What famed French anthropologist and "father of structuralism" once wrote, "Not a year goes by without my receiving an order for jeans"?

Dr Levi?

6. The Welsh tourist village of Portmeirion hosts an annual "Six of One" convention for fans of what cult TV show?

Star Trek?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these U.S. presidents and no others? Jefferson, Madison, Garfield, Wilson, and Eisenhower?

They were all left handed?

Well, 1, maybe 2 for 7 this week.
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