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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
I don't think you can pinpoint the exact time any more than you could say for certain when an actual person got a mental (or in many cases physical) disorder. Can you pinpoint the exact hour when you got better from your last cold?

Certainly adding in the Religious Right was a step. So was pretty much everything they did against Bill Clinton (and later Hillary). The Swift Boating of Kerry is probably part of it too. While a likely result of previous actions, the creation (and incorporation) of the Tea Party movement may have been the point of no return.

The danger with focusing on picking the one moment is that it assumes that there is a single cause when the process has been a long slide of increasing immoral choices. As such, the solution would have to be a long climb of moral choices, not a single undoing. It would be like if AA had a one-step program.
I suppose you have a point. In likelihood, it's bad choices on top of bad choices spread out over several decades. But I still find it fascinating to ponder.

I apologize for this not being an equivalent metaphor, but many talk about how The Simpsons has basically become a zombie show in that it continues to keep going, despite there being no spark of creativity or life behind any episodes. The general consensus as to when the show started on the path of zombification, reached a point of no return, or jumped the shark (pick whatever terminology you feel is fitting), is with the infamous episode "The Principal and the Pauper," which was the second episode of season nine.

It's not so much that there were never any good episodes after that one--there were some good, even great ones--but that episode marked a turning point in the show that would only be exacerbated with each passing season. The show never regained the creative momentum it had going before that episode.

Back to the GOP, I know there probably wouldn't be any exact days like November 17, 1971, but it'd be interested to pin down a general window. Crocoduck may be right in that it started with the Southern Strategy and with each subsequent decade, the crazy just grew more and more entrenched. Making "Racist Idiots" an essential part of your voting bloc, only leads to crazy.
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