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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
that's when the Christian Right began to dominate the scene and the GOP went out of their way to seal their alliance with them, but maybe I'm mistaken.
As much as I liked Reagan, letting the bible-thumpers was a huge--dare I say huuuuuggggeeee?--mistake. I was a registered Republican until about 20 years ago. Like many other people in the country, I'm now an independent. I have no regrets, but I'm glad I 'got out' when I did. Doubly glad now! You have no idea!!
I heard on the news this morning that a Virginia pol has recently changed his affiliation from GOP to independent because of the very things we're discussing.
But did the news station's website have a link? Nooooo. They're in full OMG-it's-snowing-we're-all-gonna-die!!! mode. Keeping people informed is one thing, panicking is another.

ETA: Now I've got that Sammy Davis Jr song on my mind--thanks! NOT!!
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