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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post

". . . to guide and influence him." Right. Certainly not because they're power-hungry, amoral sycophants, seeking to advance their own interests.
That's basically it. The GOP sold their souls for money and power and just flat-out don't care anymore. No matter how far south things go, they've got the money needed to buy their way out of trouble, so they really don't care. If enough of the public turns against Trump, threatening their access to power, the GOP will suddenly grow a conscience and trip all over themselves to denounce him and pretend like they've been opposed to him all along, but so long as it doesn't affect them or anyone they care about...again, they just don't care.

I keep trying to pinpoint the precise historical moment the GOP went insane and basically ceased to be a political party and became a doomsday cult. I've said before that Eisenhower was the last GOP president who didn't leave his country in worse shape than it was when he took office, and I stand by it, but I'm curious as to when the insanity set in. Richard Nixon was crazy and paranoid as hell, but what was the rest of his political party like? My theory is maybe it set in with Reagan, because that's when the Christian Right began to dominate the scene and the GOP went out of their way to seal their alliance with them, but maybe I'm mistaken.
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