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Default Kevin McCarthy relishes role as Trumpís fixer, friend and candy man

Kevin McCarthy relishes role as Trump’s fixer, friend and candy man

McCarthy is aggressive but hardly alone in his embrace. Many Republicans once thought of Trump as a crude intruder but have since developed relationships with the president to try to guide and influence him.
". . . to guide and influence him." Right. Certainly not because they're power-hungry, amoral sycophants, seeking to advance their own interests.


McCarthy offered another reason for his connection with Trump: They both like to talk a lot while watching movies.

“He likes to talk through the movie, and I like to talk through the movie — just ask my wife,” McCarthy said.

ETA: He pretty much admits he's a suck-up:

“He remembers everything,” McCarthy said. “Of course I put my name on the jar [of red and pink Starbursts].”
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