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Icon204 Grandpa's Birthday

Don't know how glurgy this is, but it gets dragged out every now and then, seems appropriate for the holidays.

Yesterday was an old man's birthday. He was 91. He awakened earlier than usual, bathed, shaved and put on his best clothes. Surely they would come today, he thought.
He didn't take his daily walk to the gas station to visit with the old-timers of the community, because he wanted to be right there when they came.
He sat on the front porch with a clear view of the road so he could see them coming. Surely they would come today.
He decided to skip his noon nap because he wanted to be up when they came.
He has six children.
Two of his daughters and their married children live within four miles. They hadn't been to see him for such a long time. But today was his birthday. Surely they would come today.
At suppertime he refused to cut the cake and asked that the ice cream be left in the freezer. He wanted to wait and have desert with them when they came.
About 9 o'clock he went to his room and got ready for bed. His last words before turning out the lights were, 'Promise to wake me up when they come."
It was his birthday and he was 91.

Pretty sad, isn't it? No mention of Jesus or puppies, though I'm sure that's just an oversight. I think I saw one version with the old man stroking his cat.
It is sad about old people being alone, especially on holidays, but this did seem a tad much. Can we say "Christmas Shoes" boys and girls? I know you could.
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