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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
That said, it seems to me there's enough overlap between hamburger and meatloaf that if one hates all of one, one should hate at least most of the other. No?
Too much variation, especially with meatloaf recipes. The hamburgers here are made with finely ground beef. Really finely ground, so the hamburger is a bit more puck-like. If I buy ground beef at the store, it's normally 3 mm (5 mm?) and when I make a burger, it has texture.

My husband hates hamburgers with finely ground beef. He can stand stand the texture. He's also not so fond of some of the spices used (Aromat or Maggi) which make their way into many Swiss recipes.

So if you ask him if he'd rather have a hamburger or a chicken sandwich, he will choose the chicken. Because he really enjoys beef and can't stand hamburger pucks.

Considering it's going to rain all weekend, I'm think about making bacon-wrapped meatloaf with a brown sugar / ketchup glaze. Three weeks of hotel living makes us both want American classics.
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