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I do wonder how many people actually do want to get up after Thanksgiving dinner and go shopping.

I'm sure the number isn't zero. But if people expect to find the same thing at the same sale price -- and still in stock -- if they wait until Friday, what percentage of them are going to do so?

And I'm not sure it's even a matter of waiting till Friday. I get sale offers in my email from companies I deal with. 20% off! 30% off! Ends tomorrow! Ends tonight! -- except that I've learned that, while that particular offer code may indeed quit working, there'll be another such email along next week or the one after. Many years ago, there used to be sales on particular types of things at particular times of year, and general sales after Christmas and maybe another couple times of year -- and if you didn't buy then, but needed something later, you'd have to pay full price for it most of the year. The sales now seem to be nearly continuous; so any given one is a whole lot less of an incentive to buy.

So maybe the rush for the early customers didn't pan out because people have gotten used to expecting there to be another sale along any minute anyway; and maybe most of the people who think it's a fun family thing to go shopping on Thanksgiving weekend would rather do so on Friday. Though in either case I'm just guessing.
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