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I'm getting to a point where I'm not really understanding what the fuss is about with the retailers which are opening earlier and earlier for "Black Friday" this year, as--for the past week--I've been seeing and hearing ads from dozens of retailers (including many planning to be open on Thanksgiving for "Black Friday") promoting PRE-Black Friday sales for the whole week before Thanksgiving.

Seriously, what's the point of being open all (or even part) of Thanksgiving Day to get a "jump" on Black Friday money if you're going to have a week of sales even before Thanksgiving? And, more pointedly, what's the point when you're advertising your pre-Thanksgiving sales as "pre-Black Friday" sales?

Well, I suppose if you're a retailer and you just want to screw over your employees for the sake of making a few more dollars--or you're just proving what kind of a dick you can be as an employer, then it makes sense. Otherwise, it really doesn't. I mean, are you REALLY making enough money to cover the wholesale cost of the merchandise that sells PLUS the cost of operating the store all those extra hours PLUS the employees' wages AND still showing a decent profit? In ONE single day?
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