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I don't know, I had cassettes long after vinyl. Many of the large CD player stereos had tape decks. I don't think that it wasn't until well into 2005-2006 when I stopped seeing them.

i just have to wonder how/why people think "entertainers" who are associated with drugs and alcohol, would be privvy to the inner circles and plans of a shadow government
I used to run a small library at my Mom's church and it had two books by
Jeff Godwin, The Devil's Disciples and Dancing With Demons. You all would have loved the guy. He misinterprets lyrics to portray Satanic messages (Some of them were even way off the mark), believes just about every urban legend on rock singers and puts them down as fact including the whole blackmasking thing, and is a huge conspiracy theorist.

His big theory is that all rock and pop singers sign a pact with Satan and are part of this gigantic "Aquarian Conspiracy" to bring about a New Age through their music. Even supposedly "altruistic" songs like We Are The World were actually about this "Aquarian Conspiracy." So I suppose Van Halen's 1984 would fall neatly into this paranoid fantasy of his.
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