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Spit Take

Comment: I received this email from my website. Is this true? I don't want
to go clicking on porno links, so I haven't cliked on the links provided.
Thank you.

"I need your help - and boy, is this a story about Wikipedia - first, they
have a pedophile running their organization and it's all over the news.
How did I find out? Because my child, a 12 year old girl, went onto
Wikipedia to look up the word "Fluffy" and instead she somehow came to the
article for the word "Fluffer". On that article is a photograph of two
men having sex and a third man handing them a towel. I was very angry. I
started to look around Wikipedia and saw quite a few things that upset me.
There is pornography on there! People having sex, lesbians spanking each
other, and other things that should not be on a website that children in
school use.

Then I started researching, and found out about Erik Moeller - their
pedophile Number 2:

A pedophile runs Wikipedia, and he allows a pornographer who The Jerusalem
Post called "Wikipedia's Leading Editor" to put up photographs of men
having sex: David Shankbone. All over that website he has posted photos
of naked body parts, homosexuals having sex, and people engaging in
behavior I would not want my child to see - that I would not want my
husband to see!
This is almost a mockery of the human condition:

Everyone talks about how great Wikipedia is, but I think it's sinful. It'
s a site where perverts go and put up terrible photographs:

I started searching on the Internet and Shankbone is all over the place -
according to this story, he was the one who was responsible for telling
children that Santa Claus is not real:

Children! Children see this pornography, and then he ruins their dreams!
This is what Wikipedia is about?! This is what is so great about this

When I looked further, it looks like he actually interviewed three
Christian Republican candidates - Senator Sam Brownback, Representative
Duncan Hunter and Representative Tom Tancredo. Do you really think those
guys would have talked to him if they had known what he does?! Shankbone
talks to all kinds of people - the President of the ACLU, the President of
Israel (!!!), Madonna, Susan Sarandon.

What is going on here? Why is it that every time I read an article about
Wikipedia it talks about how great it is, but it never talks about the
sinful dark side of people like David Shankbone, according to news stories
one its "leading editors"?! And Erik Moeller a pedophile running the
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