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The site carries the following disclaimer on the home page:

This site contains videos of a man we call the "Tourettes Guy". Although he has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, his actions are influenced by other problems and are not consistent with most Tourette Syndrome sufferers. In exchange for a few laughs, please educate yourself about the reality of Tourettes and "corprolalia" by visiting our "Feel Guilty" page. A few of Danny's fans actually have TS, and would love to answer any questions you may have in the Forums.
The "Feel Guilty" page says:
Although Danny's behaviour is influenced by anger issues and alcohol, he really has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.
and encourages a donation to the Tourettes Association.

IMHO, they are still exploiting the stereotypical view of Tourettes, and I think it is damaging. As a parent and spouse of people with Tourettes, I resent the fact that this site makes fun of people with Tourettes, contributes to a culture of shame, and perpetuates a myth.

My son has had wonderful support through his diagnosis. In my experience, the current method of dealing with diagnosis is to be open about it, thereby removing the stigma. That's the road we have taken. We've watched some videos, joined the Association, and talk openly about it at home, when necessary. My son was courageous enough to read a book aloud to his class, about Tourettes, and to answer the kids many questions. Sometimes, I am in awe of him :-)

Even though I despise what the website is doing, I understand that the creators have every right to post that stuff. I do hope for the day, though, when the general public view this website with same abhorrance they would have for a site mocking those with Down's Syndrome or mental illness.
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