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Default Tuesday Trivia CCLXX (9/13/2011)

If your Roman numeral skillz aren't up to snuff, this is the 270th weekly installment of Tuesday Trivia. By an amazing coincidence, 270 is also the number of days in an average human presidency, and the number of electoral votes needed to win the U.S. presidency.

Speaking of amazing coincidences: Question Seven is a geography question this week. [Next week for snopesters!] And I [Ken Jennings] have a book about geography coming out in just one week! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!? I have a little much too dignity to include pre-order links for MAPHEAD here, so here's a link to the Tuesday Trivia scoreboard instead: .

[Ken's been so kind to give us leeway to repost and discuss his game here, I thought I should include his book plug. Now on with the game!]

The Rules of the Thread
1. If you use the thread to help you get answers, do not submit those answers to the official game.
2. No googling until Sunday. No looking anything up anywhere (and posting it) before Sunday. No checking an article in a magazine you read last week. No checking some old notebook from college. No wikipedia. Not even No checking anything, anywhere - until Sunday. Only information that is stored in your brain, or in the brains of your non-snopester friends and family. But you can't use your family members as a work-around to looking up the information yourself.
3. If you google, don't post that information to the thread until Sunday. Not even as confirmation of the guesses of other posters. Someone else might still know the information on their own.
4. No guess is stupid, throw it out there.
5. No Hinting. If you have a guess or a reasonable belief that you have the right answer, post it. If you are attempting to use hinting as a work-around to the no posting googled answers rule, don't.

And remember, this is an exhibition, not a competition, so please... no wagering.


1. On a Risk game board, which continent is made up entirely of territories that share their names with actual countries?

2. According to one recent listing, Bodoni, Garamond, and Univers are among the top ten most popular what?

3. The title of what hit 1970s TV show, if translated into French, becomes the town where a hit 2000s TV show, True Blood, is set?

4. What color wax is used to seal both Maker's Mark bourbon and Babybel cheeses?

5. What 444-day event from 20th-century history ended with the signing of the Algiers Accords?

6. What has a stem called a "stipe" and gills called "lamella" on the underside of its "pileus," or top?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these writers? Dante, Heine, Hugo, Carlo Levi, Ovid, Pushkin, Sappho, Thucydides.