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And now we know. It is possible for something to be more grating than the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and it is possible for a story to fail at its own moral even harder than the 'Pinkie Pie is psychic' episode.

"In this episode, we want Rarity to outsmart the villains so we can show that just because someone is dainty and maybe not physically strong doesn't mean they're helpless."
"Sounds good so far. What's she going to do? Tom Sawyer the dogs into thinking that the work they're forcing on her is way too fun not to do themselves? Convince them that they don't actually want the jewels? Reason with them and come to some kind of compromise?"
"Actually, I was thinking about having her spend the whole episode playing up a bunch of misogynist stereotypes."
"Brilliant! That'll take much less effort to write!"

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