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Comment: A friend told me a rumor about a couple of fast food restaurants
in the town of Piteå, Sweden, where we both live. She claimed that at
these places they had secret items that were not on the menu but that you
could order if you knew a secret key-word. At one place ordering a "skryx"
(a combination of a "skrovmål", a standard hamburger meal, and a "lyxmål",
a luxury hamburger meal) would get you a combo of them both, meaning quite
a lot of food. At the other place ordering a "skrovzone" would get you a
"skrovmål" baked into a calzone pizza. She didn't know if this was true
and neither of us have tried ordering these things but it seems like an
interesting phenomenon that probably exists in many other places.
Rejoicing in gluttony has after all for a long time been a part of human
society, and now in our western societies is unfortunately part of our
everyday vices.
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