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snopes 27 July 2010 01:21 AM


We will have to take action if this information is not removed.
Said action apparently not to include actually bothering to read the article.

snopes 27 July 2010 06:57 AM

Comment: Per the link on your website below:

Per ATM fraud, your website states this is not true. in Knoxville
just reported today, July 26th, on their 5pm show that this is indeed
true. I also checked online to further verify this, and it is indeed true.

Might want to re-investigate.

snopes 29 July 2010 03:36 AM

Referred by:

Comment: Regarding the missing dollar, your answer is incorrect.

Each man did pay $9.00 (not #8.33 as you say) They each gave a $10 bill
and got one back - that makes it $9.00.
The correct answer is as follows:

The story states that 9 x 3 is 27. Plus the 2 dollars kept by the bellboy
makes $29. So what happened to the other dollar?
The correct answer is: 9 x 3 = 27 MINUS 2 dollars (not PLUS 2)makes 25.
Note that 25 was the actual cost of the room, not 30.

The story carefully misleads you to think of $30 when the real answer is

Not to fret, it took me years to figure it out!

snopes 30 July 2010 11:09 PM

you relate that the stories are false, including the KC woman at McDonalds
but above is a link to the FOX NEWS story about it.

are you sure it's false?

snopes 31 July 2010 04:21 AM

Comment: Article In Question: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD

I just wanted to let you guys know that your conclusions based upon this
are incorrect, in 2004 in an 'Uncut' magazine article Paul McCartney
ADMITTED that the song was indeed about LSD.

I've included a link to a Washington Post article regarding this.

snopes 04 August 2010 06:10 PM

Comment: Re:

I'd like to thank you for once again forcing your reader to read the
entirety of the article to find that it was probably TRUE, when you mark
it at top as FALSE.

I note that you did NOT actually quote her. I can only speculate that her
office did not provide the the quote, and you didn't bother to check the

"However, a record of the exchange shows that Rep. Giffords did not pose a
question about "carbon footprints" or "carbon emission..." Why not quote
her question? One must suspect it is because the actual quote was every
bit as ludicrous.

Chloe 04 August 2010 06:20 PM

What you should have done, snopes, is include the text of what she actually said, and maybe even a video. That would be totally idiotproof, surely?

Four Kitties 04 August 2010 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Chloe (Post 1277082)
What you should have done, snopes, is include the text of what she actually said, and maybe even a video. That would be totally idiotproof, surely?

Possibly idiotproof, but not TeaParty-proof. :D

Four Kitties

snopes 06 August 2010 05:30 PM

Referred by:

Comment: Your site stated the the Corpus Christi movie/play portraying a
gay Jesus was untrue. Unfortunately, it is true.

snopes 07 August 2010 05:47 AM

Comment: It is very, very wrong of you to have a section of "false
authority" stories such as the one saying that Mr. Ed, the horse of the
classic TV series, was really a Zebra, Google and other search engines
lead people to these articles, and people assume that these articles are a
legitimate part of your site. The presence of false and misleading
information on your site without a readily apparent disclaimer undermines
the credibility of the rest of what you do.

snopes 07 August 2010 04:37 PM


You might want to check out the latest on the story in Kansas City. The
police have arrested a man who has done this at least 3 times and are
looking for more victims.

snopes 08 August 2010 07:29 AM

Referred by:

Comment: You stated illegal aliens cannot get to our Social Security.
I work with a mexican who is a citizen, he has told me of family he and
his wife have in Mexico. Who come across the border draw a Social Security
check on a Texas address and go back across the border. He has even told
us that his mother in law came across the border had an operation that was
paid for by Medi Care. These people know how to use the System with fake
Social Security Cards and American address so can you say positively that
they do not have access to our Social Security.

snopes 09 August 2010 09:10 PM

Referred by:

Comment: Pres. Obama meant to say his grandfather served in WWII. So he
made a very minor glitch, give the guy a break.

snopes 10 August 2010 06:06 PM

Comment: Article:

Your reporting is inaccurate and can be perceived as misleading.

I speak from personal experience, as a disabled veteran in Priority
Category 1, the VA is billing private insurance for service-connected
conditions. Their response, words to the effect, "Well, why are you upset?
You're not paying anything. The insurance company is." I attempted to
explain that I DO have to pay since I am paying for insurance. The
response was, words to the effect, "Is there anything else I can help you
with?" That would lead a reasonable person to believe this person was
helpful at some point... The TRUTH on the VA billing is posted on their
website, but once they have your insurance information, you will spend
countless hours trying to have them correct the illegal billing. Best of
luck to all my fellow veterans, with their efforts to obtain their earned
entitlements, as promised. Do not give in to the lack of proper care and
indifference from the Veterans Administration. Stay strong!

snopes 10 August 2010 10:25 PM

Referred by:

Comment: where did you get your information about President Obama NOT
objecting to the national Day of Prayer. I was informed, on " good
authority ", that it was cancelled and he did not attend. Please send me
the news articals that showed he attended.

snopes 10 August 2010 10:28 PM

Comment: Snopes,where in the world did you get the FALSE statement
regarding Our Pres.Obama not signing Eagle Scout Awards ? I just had a
young Scout recieved his Eagle Scout Award. Obama signed his name on the
Certificate . I really don't care for Pres.Obama but lets get our story
straight. WE have enough junk in our world please don't add to our
problems. I was under the impression you check out all you Gossip . DO A
GOOD TURN DAILY.............

snopes 12 August 2010 05:02 PM

Referred by:

Comment: How can you rate Pelosa's Windfall Tax comments as "False" as
your quote of her appears to validate the argument that she is in favor of
such a tax?

snopes 14 August 2010 08:15 PM


Who are you kidding? If someone was going to punch you in the face and I
had the ability to raise my hand up and stop you from being punched, but
don't raise my hand, then I am responsible for you being punched due to my
ABILITY to stop it but my inaction allowed it. Don't play games, tell the

snopes 20 August 2010 12:49 AM

Referred by:

Comment: The Higueras Cache of weapons article incorrectly states that
Higueras is hundreds of miles from the border. It is in fact closer to 80
miles. I've started to learn that I can't depend on your analysis anymore
because you push agendas and ideas. It's very unfortunate, but very
apparent that you are downplaying the seriousness of the weapons and how
it relates to what crosses our border.

Stop taking sides and report the truth again.

snopes 21 August 2010 04:26 PM

Comment: read your piece about the weapons allegedly found in Arizona but
you claim were found in Mexico. Any intelligent person reading your
"proof" that the claim was wrong would realize that, in fact you have no
"proof: just the word of a Mexican who may or may not be telling the
truth. Your piece is no better or worse that the original - EXCEPT that
you are looked on as providing the TRUTH of a particular piece.

You have NOT resolved the issue. I am beginning to wonder if you might
have an agenda.

snopes 24 August 2010 06:56 PM

Referred by:

Comment: I was sent the following email and reports that the
contents are "false".

The comment in many cases are so general that I cannot summarily dismiss
that all the comments are inaccurate. At best you could say that because
the comments are not attributed to any one individual, there is no way to
verify the comments were actual published sentiments in 1955.

Labeling the entire email as "False" is painting with a very broad brush.

snopes 26 August 2010 04:45 PM

Referred by:

Comment: Your "Later Gator" article says that alligator found in Chicago
river is false. You might want to reinvestigate, they've caught several
in the past month.

snopes 28 August 2010 01:59 AM

Comment: I read several of your posts saying that the information about
Palestinian refugees coming to america is false. Yet you do not post
anything about the real truth. I found information about 1350
Palestinians coming from Iraq to Irvine, CA and Omaha Nebraska. There are
also Palestinians going to S. America, Canada and other places. Why dont
you report what is true about the topic so that you can be balanced?
email me and I will be glad to send you the many links I have found to
back this up.

snopes 30 August 2010 07:02 AM


snopes 30 August 2010 07:06 AM

Referred by:

Comment: In researching the email that was sent out about removing crosses
from federal cemetaries, I noted some of the comments that you made that
seemed contradictory to one another. First it was wrong for a judge to
"Sneak" (I think it is sad that it comes to this if indeed this was the
case) in a monument depicting the Ten Commandments and then you state that
it is OK for the depiction of Moses to be on the US Supreme Court Building
because he was a Law Giver?????? What exactly did he give us - THE TEN
COMMANDMENTS and for your information in case you forgot Moses was a JEW
and how many different Christian religions uphold the commandments given
to a JEW. I think it is a sad state of affairs when something so good and
so moral is looked upon as something so wrong. In addition how can you or
anyone else possibly compare a KLU KLUX KLAN Cross with a Nativity Scene,
one represents DEATH in the fowlest form and the other ETERNAL LIFE.
I am so disappointed in your comments - and don't tell me you are just
reporting the facts, I have read some of the comments you all make on your
Site, I use to enjoy looking things up but you have become SOOOOO BIASED
that I now have to go to other sites to find the truth.

snopes 30 August 2010 03:34 PM

Referred by:

Comment: On the picture of President Obama with his feet up on the desk,
if you Google "Picture of President Bush with his feet up", you will find
a picture very similar to the picture you have here. So, if you are going
to be putting images up, I think you should be fair about it. Obama is not
the first President to put his feet on that desk while having a
conversation with some of his staff.

snopes 01 September 2010 12:15 AM

Referred by:

Comment: I just read the stuff about Niagara Falls being frozen over. It
seems to be labled as "urban". However, I have several photos of the
falls with people walking over it, taken by my great grandparents. There
is no question it's Niagara Falls and I've been there many many many
times. My ancestors lived in the Niagara Falls area for many years around
the turn of the century and beyond. There is no question that the
pictures I have are authentic and taken in 1911. I strongly dispute your
claims that it's a fake or whatever. The photos I have are rare and
apparently there are very few on the internet right now. There is one
photo that does resemble a part of one photo I have on hand.

Knowing about waterfalls and rivers in general (and growing up near a
river too), it is true that no river really completely freezes over in a
really cold winter (it'd have to have a long sustained cold spell for that
to happen!), because there is always some water flowing underneath all
that ice. That is true with waterfalls. So while it's true that the
waterfalls probably never really freeze over, the pictures I have show the
water complelely frozen over the falls as well as on the river above and
below the falls. That does not mean that there is no water flowing
underneath all that ice. Again, I strongly disagree with the claims made
on Snopes about the photos being a fake or doctored.

snopes 01 September 2010 07:20 PM

Referred by:

Comment: If this is NOT the Davil Hall who plays the 'doctor' on CSI
LasVegas, the photo looks just like him, so you may want to check it out
and see if the wrong one was posted to this article. I am totally in
favor of his thoughts and wish more people would come to this conclusion.

snopes 04 September 2010 12:59 AM

Comment: I think you need to re-word your response to Elana Kagen not
being involved with Mr Obama

This must be false then??

snopes 04 September 2010 01:01 AM

Referred by:

Comment: Just read your comments on the rumor about Coach Robinson
Michelle Obamas brother. I have just one question for the school in
question. If the money you received from the government was suppossed to
be used for teachers and professors, why was it used to pay for a
basketball coach?

snopes 04 September 2010 01:02 AM

Referred by:

Comment: On the false report concerning Michelle Obama's law license, the
ARDC report of her Attorney Record clearly says, "attorney is on COURT
ORDERED inactive status." Not only is her Illinois registration status
"voluntarily inactive," she is also NOT AUTHORIZED to practice law." All
of that sounds like a plea agreement. With all due respect, this report
stinks and no amount of parsing words will make it smell any better.
It sounds to me like she did something she shouldn't have, and worked a
deal to avoid revelations of her misdeed: She was ordered to surrender her
license "voluntarily" and as a result agreed not to practice law. That's
not good.

snopes 04 September 2010 03:48 AM

Referred by:

Comment: I find the fact finding information you have on the term
"dhimmitude" to be highly sensationalized and most probably planted by
someone who hates President Obama and his administration. It is most
likely 90% incorrect as well. Any time I see the word "Obamacare"
written/spoken I know it's author is a right wing nut, listens to Limbaugh
and Hannity and spends most of their TV watching Fox news. All full of hot
air. I'd double check the facts on this one as you're contributing to
continuing Internet fables.

snopes 12 September 2010 12:25 AM

Referred by:

Comment: You said the Imam Ali poster in Houston was about the
death day of Imam ali but everything on the internet
says he died on Jan 26. No where near Sept. 11.
I understand they have a different calendar but
Our calendar Sept 11 is the attack and Our calendar
Jan.26 was no where near Sept. 11.
Why have you altered the facts?
Look him up on Wikipedia or 10 other places on the web
and he died Jan 28.

strawberrydoodah 12 September 2010 02:19 AM


he died on Jan 26

and he died Jan 28.
Commenter, why have you altered the facts? :lol:

snopes 12 September 2010 05:42 AM

Referred by:

Comment: Please tell me who,when and where did the ACLU EVER
defend ANY evangelical christian person or organization?

You defend them and Progressive .

Eddylizard 12 September 2010 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by strawberrydoodah (Post 1305445)
Commenter, why have you altered the facts? :lol:

"Everything on the internet" apart from Wikipedia it seems, which is something on the internet I'm led to believe.

Look Jesus managed to die twice, except he left it three days (just to show off I guess) so why couldn't this guy die twice?

snopes 21 September 2010 04:22 PM


You are wrong. They aren't tattoos, kids think they are. They are called
blotters. Do children run Snopes or something? Not one of you lived in the
70s and witnessed acid drops on skin or these things you think are tattoos
or stamps, which are called blotters, being placed on your skin, face
down, with a wet rage over the top?

They're used just like tattoos and do cause hallucinations if there is
correctly synthesized lsd on it.

Snopes doesn't get much wrong. Three or four things a week maybe. But this
is OUTRAGEOUSLY wrong, for the region of the story and for lsd blotters as
a whole.

snopes 24 September 2010 06:57 PM

Referred by:

Comment: In the article about--You worry me--by John Maniscalco.
You should delete the last paragraft.
You question the intent of muslims who wave the US flag and then conmit
violence. It is done all the time. That's how they operate. A lie by a
terriost is the truth for his cause. Even spies operate under this same
assumption. That's why muslim terriost dress as women and hide guns in
Up until about 1650, even Christians did the same thing.

Eddylizard 24 September 2010 07:02 PM

What? Christians hid their guns in mosques? Not particularly convenient for them was it, particulary during the Crusades? Were guns even invented before 1650?

Chloe 24 September 2010 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by snopes (Post 1311689)
You are wrong. They aren't tattoos, kids think they are. They are called
blotters. Do children run Snopes or something? Not one of you lived in the
70s and witnessed acid drops on skin or these things you think are tattoos
or stamps, which are called blotters, being placed on your skin, face
down, with a wet rage over the top?

Never underestimate the dangers of a wet rage...

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