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crocoduck_hunter 04 February 2016 07:15 AM

Horrified cabbies pick up 'ghost passengers' in area devastated by 2011 tsunami


In each instance, the story is similar.

A taxi driver in north-east Japan picks up a passenger in an area devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

He starts the meter and asks for the destination, to which the customer gives a strange response.

Either then, or sometime later, the driver turns around to address the man or woman - but the passenger has vanished.
Sounds like someone just updated the old ghost hitchhiker UL.

ganzfeld 04 February 2016 07:57 AM

Japan's post-disaster reconstruction efforts hindered by ghosts


However, experts described the city's apparent widespread belief in ghosts as a "natural" side effect of a large-scale tragedy which wiped out vast swathes of the community and a potentially positive part of the healing process.

blinkingblythe 27 February 2016 02:18 AM

Trauma response?

Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter (Post 1905636)

I remember reading about a woman who was still handing out fliers
for the store she worked at near ground zero after the WTC towers collapsed. I think she was
doing this out of shock, that maybe this is some protection mechanism built into the brain which tries to maintain a sense
of normalicy in horrific circumstances. This would make sense, as this would help someone from going irriversibly mad, at least
during the moment (I hope this is making sense). I think the same
mechanism may be at work here, but I am wondering why it is happening months and even years after the tsunami.

Psihala 13 April 2016 01:20 PM

Maybe these guys offer international shipping. I'm sure someone using their stuff could easily get to the bottom of this.


Lainie 13 April 2016 01:44 PM

It reminds me of the popularity of Spiritualism after devastating casualties of the US Civil War.

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