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snopes 29 August 2010 03:58 AM

Moderation tips: quoting posts
Too many posters use the QUOTE function too often and too injudiciously, quoting the entirety of everything they respond to by default, even if it's just to make a one- or two-sentence comment on an eight-paragraph post.

The QUOTE function is something that should be used both infrequently (not as a default) and sparingly -- *only* when it is necessary for other posters to understand which post (or which portion of a post) you are responding to, and even then reproducing just enough of the previous post to establish the context.

If you are the first responder in a thread, you do not need to quote anything (unless it would otherwise be unclear which portion of the OP you were responding to). Likewise, if you are responding to the last post in a thread, you do not need to quote anything (unless, again, the it would otherwise be unclear which portion of the previous post you were responding to). Quoted material should never include embedded images, embedded videos, URLs, smilies, and signatures from previous posts -- if you use the QUOTE function, you should edit those items out of the QUOTE block before making your post.

Remember, when you use the QUOTE function, it automatically includes a handy link back to the post you're responding to. If other posters need or want to know more about that post, they can simply follow the link and read it for themselves -- you don't need to reproduce it in your own post.

marrya 29 August 2010 04:17 AM

Thanks for pointing it out, snopes! I know that I've often wavered as to whether to quote or not, and figured I should, just for clarity. But now, I shan't unless I relaly, really feel the need!

As an aside, I do sometimes wonder whether you & Barbara have days when you wonder why you do what you do! I know you're not looking for pats on the back and warm fuzzies, but, you and your minions do a fantastic job of moderating this board - I've occasionally dipped my toes into other boards on specific topics, and realise just how much I take your excellent mod skills [as opposed to mad skillz] for granted.

So, thanks!

snopes 29 August 2010 04:26 AM

Thank you kindly for the compliment, but the thanks mainly belong to everybody here for requiring so little intervention by moderators. Our starting out all new registrants in moderated mode allows us to filter out most of the cranks, loons, trollers, and spammers right off the bat, and after that it's nearly all gravy.

Chloe 29 August 2010 04:35 AM

What a very nice 85th thousandth post!

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