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Plurabelle 11 October 2017 11:50 PM

Things that turned out better than expected
I need some good news in my life right now, so I thought I'd start this thread about situations where you thought everything was effed and it turned out okay.

I'll start:

My husband and I were crossing from Detroit to Windsor with my Shiba Inu in the back seat and the border agent had us pull over, but not to the usual secondary inspection area. I was sure we were going to be arrested for something. (What, I don't know, as we don't commit crimes but crossing the border as an immigrant tends to make one paranoid).

The border agent opened the back door and let my dog out (we always keep her on a leash in the car cos she tends to bolt out to have a pee and is a runner). He grabbed her leash and walked her around and said "where did you get her? I've been looking for a Shiba Inu for months but can't find a good breeder."

I gave him the name of the rescue where I got her (and some more local rescues I volunteer with, since I'd gotten her in Manhattan), then he loaded her back up and waved us through.

I hope he has a love affair with a Shiba right now.

smittykins 12 October 2017 01:53 AM

Last year, I had six teeth pulled, and I was freaking*. As it turned out, I got myself worked up for absolutely nothing.

*The previous dentist I saw wanted to put me to sleep(I have an irrational fear of not waking up), pull them all at once, and give me Vicodin afterwards. While waiting for approval from Medicaid, they stopped taking it. My current dentist just used Novocaine, extracted two teeth a week for three weeks, and prescribed 600 mg. ibuprofen, which I ended up not even needing.

Plurabelle 12 October 2017 02:19 AM

Dentists are my worst fear, I had such a bad orthodontist for 4 years and they just treated me like crap and seemed to relish in my pain. I'm sure they didn't, but they sure didn't give me any painkillers or anything like that while tightening my braces. They used to bitch at me because I refused to use the common toothbrushes in the communal sink in the waiting room. I thought that was freaking gross and my mom would always bring my toothbrush/toothpaste to use at the bathroom down the hall. And EVERY TIME the nurses would report to the doctor 'SHE DIDN'T BRUSH!" i brushed in the bathroom with my own stuff you g-d moron. My mom would always jump in from the waiting room to say I'd brushed and the hygienists would always say "Doctor Winsheel's toothbrushes and paste are excellent, it is ridiculous for your daughter to brush down the hall." Ugh God I they were so awful.

But the story ends happy, I have beautiful teeth and those morons haven't been able to touch me since I was 14. My current dentist says I have a HUGE mouth (!) and can keep my wisdom teeth.

Seaboe Muffinchucker 12 October 2017 03:03 PM

I have always had marvelous luck with dentists. My childhood dentist was a very patient man (he had to be). He did such a good job dealing with the aftermath of the accident I was in that 45 years later, I've only lost two teeth (I also have about 6 crowns, but those are my fault).

My method of finding a good dentist? Ask around. Start with "Do you like going to the dentist?" and with those who say "no" (amazingly enough, not everyone will :lol:), proceed to "do you like your dentist?" It's worked for me.


Lainie 12 October 2017 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by Plurabelle (Post 1961425)
Dentists are my worst fear, I had such a bad orthodontist for 4 years and they just treated me like crap and seemed to relish in my pain. I'm sure they didn't, but they sure didn't give me any painkillers or anything like that while tightening my braces.

I had braces and know a lot of people who have, and I have never head of anyone being given painkillers for braces tightening.


They used to bitch at me because I refused to use the common toothbrushes in the communal sink in the waiting room. I thought that was freaking gross and my mom would always bring my toothbrush/toothpaste to use at the bathroom down the hall.
Communal brushes? Used by more than one person? :eek: Are you certain you didn't misunderstand -- maybe they were meant to be disposable? That's what my ortho offered, and that was in the 70s.

Did no other patients object to sharing toothbrushes? :confused:

Lainie 12 October 2017 05:44 PM

Honestly, I see the hygienist's point, even if they were making patients share brushes. Unless you had your own private bathroom at your orthodontist's office, you were still using a communal sink. If anything, it was probably dirtier and germier than the one in the waiting room, because people use the bathroom sink to wash after they use the toilet. Seems to me you would have been better off using your own toothbrush in the cleaner waiting room sink.

Plurabelle 13 October 2017 02:07 AM

You are almost certainly correct the (entire floor's) bathroom sink was probably grosser than the communal waiting room sink, but I have a real disgust/phobia of other people's mouths and the communal sink just made me want to puke. There were frequently 3-4 of us in the waiting room and seeing the sink with their spit in there just...ugh. Couldn't do it. It's irrational, I know. I can't stand to watch people chew gum or chew with their mouths open, either, I know it's my issue.

And yes the toothbrushes were single use but I still brought my own each time, along with my own toothpaste. ;) If we had to share brushes I would have run out and probably never returned home, ever. I'd be living with the circus somewhere.

And when I talk about painkillers I meant the ibubrofen my mom usually gave me when I got home from a tightening, that was really unclear on my part. I don't know anyone who had any serious painkillers from braces except for my friend who had a severe underbite and had to have her jaw broken and re-set to correct her bite, and even that was only while her jaw was wired/healing.

I always wanted to take the ibuprofen before the appointment to avoid discomfort but the hygienists would always say I couldn't (I think maybe ibuprofen thins your blood? Or am I thinking of aspirin or acetaminophen? Either way).

I was on orthotricyclen (antibiotic) when I was 7-8, which caused my adult teeth to come in slightly yellower than what would usually be expected. The hygienists would say stuff to me like "are you sure you don't want yellow rubber bands on your braces to match your teeth?"

So glad I have the dentist I have now. I went 15 years without seeing a dentist due to all the bs I dealt with at the orthodontist but I am extraordinarily lucky to be genetically blessed with my mom's good teeth. Never had a cavity, knock wood. And she (my dentist) is really helping me get over my fears even though I still can't deal with watching people eat or chew gum with their mouths open. ugh.

mbravo 13 October 2017 12:11 PM

When I got my wisdom teeth out, they recommended I start taking ibuprofen before the surgery. IIRC they also recommend this if you're going to get any other painful dental work. I don't know why theywould tell you NOT to take ibuprofen for braces tightening if they felt you would need it, as it isn't even a surgical procedure in the sense that, like, there shouldn't be any blood involved :eek: I'm in the opposite boat from you, I have had to get plenty of fillings, but my entire experience with getting my braces tightened was never painful or really that noticeable- the only time I remember it affecting me was when I first got them and it was hard to chew for a day.

I think they must have assumed the pain would not be that bad for you, and were trying to dissuade you from taking ibuprofen if it wasn't necessary as that habit can lead to trouble down the line. I don't really think it was their place to tell you that, though.

Plurabelle 14 October 2017 01:43 AM

To their credit I only bled once or twice in 4 years.

I had braces for 4 years which meant my teeth were pretty bad - well, just incredibly crooked. My bite was okay (no over/underbite) but my teeth were SO crooked and two of my upper teeth (the two that aren't your front teeth but right next to them, between the canines and the front teeth) grew in pointy (and sitting there while my orthodontist filed them down straight during multiple appts was seriously unnerving, and gross because he let the bone shavings rain down on my tongue and bone is not yummy).

I would typically be in pain for about a day or two after having the braces tightened, my mom always gave me Advil (ibuprofen) for it which helped.

Not to mention the hygienist they trotted out during every single appointment anyone ever had (they had 8 chairs in one room, no personal exam rooms, and she would make the rounds) saying "I had braces but didn't wear my retainer and now I'm 23 and have braces again!" Sure you did, lady.

I never wore my headgear or retainer once, it hurt too badly, they weren't fitted properly. Every visit my ortho would say "I see you've been wearing your headgear."

Well thank god I have that HUGE MOUTH because while I love my current dentist I don't think I could handle having 4 teeth pulled (the wisdoms) and she doesn't do general anesthetic.

My teeth are not perfect any more but pretty close. Despite the lack of headgear/retainer they stayed where they were supposed to - my front teeth crowd my sub front teeth (no idea what they're really called) a little bit but it looks just fine, I just have to make sure to floss there carefully. One thing I don't do is have my teeth whitened in part because I am still so freaking offended at those nasty hygienists (which is small and petty of me) and part because I don't really care if my teeth are slightly yellow. Perfect BRIGHT WHITE smiles freak me out a little. My mom had her teeth bleached for my wedding and I was unnerved. (My best friend's mother had her neck done for her wedding so I guess bleaching your teeth is better...but I'm only 35 and would really like my neck done) (/hijack) (/short necks)

RobDBlackwolf 14 October 2017 06:24 AM

Our old Apartment Complex decided not to renew our lease after 15 years with them. I could understand that, the apartment was starting to look a bit rundown and was due for a renovation. And instead of the usual 30 days we had 26 days. They dated it all nicely but somehow it took them a few days to actually tape the GTFO notice to the door.
Moving out and all that was a pain in the rear, especially since we were without home for 20 days.
However, the new apartment is better. More square-feet, nicer layout, closer to the stores, commute is cut by 10 minutes, much quieter, no upstairs neighbors, less reasons to bark for our dog (old apartment building had a center hallway where the main door was and our patio window was looking at the parking lot, lots of people and dogs brazenly walking by; new apartment is to the back, with out any shared hallways).

UEL 14 October 2017 02:20 PM

A good and a bad thing.

I like cooking my breakfast during the weekend. I usually do it without putting on my glasses. Unfortunately, occasionally, I will grab one thing, thinking I am grabbing another.

This morning, I grabbed Montreal steak spice instead of black pepper. I've done this twice.

Last time, it was on devilled eggs, and they were soooooo goooooood!

Today, they were on fried potatoes. And the spice gave the potatoes an off taste**.

But, do try steak spice on devilled eggs, or boiled eggs. Quite a nice touch.

**I believe the worst part centred around the cooking. With devilled eggs, the spice was put on after all the cooking was done, so I did not get burnt spices. However, when I make my fried potatoes, I throw on salt and pepper about half way through the frying, and without the meat to temper the heat in the pan, the steak spice started burning while the potatoes fried. So, it was burnt spice, rather than the fact it was steak spice that gave it the off taste.

Sue 14 October 2017 03:53 PM

Not a thing, a person. My youngest brother was what nowadays would be called a challenging kid. Despite run ins with the law, drug issues and a few other problems I won't go into now he actually turned out to be a great adult. He has an interesting and well paid job, is a wonderful uncle and has been more than generous financially and with his time when it comes to helping my parents out as they age. Definitely did not see that coming back when he was not just running with a bad crowd - he was the bad crowd.

HelloLlama 16 October 2017 02:16 AM

I did the Detroit Free Press Half Half Marathon this morning. It's was my 10th one and I always do the International Half which is really cool. Unfortunately, leading up to the race the forecast was for rain. Last night the forecast for race time was thunderstorms. Given that their policy is to call the race in the event of lightning, people were genuinely worried that they were going to cancel the race before it started. Or, worse yet, call the race after it already started, stranding people in Canada. The race even had to release an official statement about what happens in inclement weather, something I've never seen them do before, so they were obviously worried, too. We expected to wake up to rain and possible cancellation.

It didn't rain. At least not while we were on the course. We got a few random raindrops, but it never really rained. It did start pouring on the drive home, so it's possible some of the slower marathoners got rain. I don't know. But no lightning and the race went on.

Sooeygun 16 October 2017 03:06 PM

Mr S left a bag of groceries in the trunk of a cab. We always take a cab home from St. Lawrence Market and often get the same driver. It was in his cab that we left the bag. Called the dispatcher, but we had no cab number, flagged it on the street and paid cash, so there was no way to track it down. Dispatcher put out message to cabbies, but no response. Bummer. Tea, coffee and tomatoes gone.

I was not looking forward to seeing that cabbie again. Well, he was there on Saturday. And had our bag. Tomatoes were gone (it was a month ago), but we got our tea and coffee back. He said he didn't see any notice from dispatch, but he had been cruising past the market every Saturday looking for us. He knew where we lived, but it's an apt building, so that was no help.

So happy ending and he can still be 'our' market cabbie.

Plurabelle 06 November 2017 11:39 AM

Way to go, HelloLlama!

HelloLlama 06 November 2017 05:19 PM

Thanks. Hope things are better for you, right now Plurabelle.

Crius of CoH 18 November 2017 09:54 PM

Our Association took on the task of restarting the fading tradition of holding a Firefighter's Ball; the last one was technically decades ago, although we had had dinner-dances occasionally in the interim, most recently about 13 years ago. We figured it was likely to be a one-shot deal, with insufficient interest. And indeed, initial interest quickly faded into indifference, and when we finally started selling tickets, we were coming up well shy of the 200 sales we needed to just break even - also our break point for considering future balls.

In literally the last day of sales, a sudden surge of, "oh yeah, that's soon, isn't it?" realizations set in, and we cleared our threshold - admittedly, just barely - and not only was the Ball a very good time, and not only will we be continuing a steady tradition for years to come, but everyone who attended swore they would get more friends and family to attend, they had such a good time.

Whew! :D

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