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snopes 27 May 2015 02:50 AM

The Man in the Glasses
Comment: There's an urban legend going around in the Magill campus of
University of South Australia, about "The Man in the Glasses" fifteen
years ago. I was surprised to find it wasn't on Snopes so I decided to
submit it.

There are a few different versions going around, but this is the one I've
heard more often:

There was supposed to be a guy around fifteen years ago who was so
obsessed with studying for his bachelors degree that it was like he had no
soul. He was always super stressed and a bit on the crazy side because he
did nothing but study. And obviously he also wore glasses.

He normally spent the entire day and evening at the uni studying. But one
night as he was walking home, some stalker mugged him. The man was said to
use the chain part of his locket to strangle the mugger, and he killed

The guy was already a little crazy, but after murdering the mugger he lost
it and began killing a bunch of people with his locket.

The morning of the last exam day, he murdered his wife. It was only after
the exam results came in at 8am the next morning when all the stress of
studying passed, and he realised what he had done. Out of guilt he
committed suicide in the campus lawns.

Now there's a saying that you should not arrive at uni at 8am or you might
see the man in the glasses. If he looks at you he'll take your soul and
you will become a soul-less study-obsessed robot.

Crius of CoH 27 May 2015 11:56 AM

All I can say is, that must have been one hell of a locket chain. Titanium, maybe? Fine chain used in jewelry and similar assemblies tends to be fairly weak and breaks easily.

But then, "creepypasta" stuff tends to be even more irrational than regular weirdness.

Singing in the Drizzle 27 May 2015 12:16 PM

Reads like most camp fire ghost stories. Lots of scare and very little detail.

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