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snopes 10 September 2014 10:12 PM

J.C. Politz blooper
Comment: A story that has been told for more than 50 years, which I have
always thought was true, concerned a sports broadcast on Halloween night
in 1959 when LSU's Billy Cannon returned a punt 89 yards in a win over Ole
Miss. The announcer was the late J.C. Politz.

I have long believed that Politz became so excited during his description
of that play, that at one point he said, "Look at that son of a bitch go,
ladies and gentlemen."

True or not?

pob14 25 November 2014 08:57 PM

Wasn't this on one of the Kermit Schaefer blooper records?

This site linked me to a Youtube video in which neither sons nor bitches are evident during the call. The comment on the LSU site that links to the video mentions a "three second gap" which some seem to think is an erasure of the "SOB" remark. There is a moment where you don't hear Politz; it could be crowd noise or a pause, but somebody else on the LSU site claims that the color man admitted to accidentally turning down Politz's mic. If I talk as fast as Politz, I can just barely make the alleged remark fit into the "gap."

Edit: "Look at that sonofabitch run" is how I remembered hearing the story. I can't fit "ladies and gentlemen" into the gap as well.

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