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Psihala 17 March 2017 04:10 PM

Connection not secure message in Firefox at Login
This just popped up this morning as far as I can tell. On both login locations, the one in the upper right corner and the one that comes up if one attempts to reply to a thread when not logged in, there's a little pop-up window that appears when clicking on either the Username or the Password fields.

The message says: "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised. Learn More. "

I'm not clicking on the link because I don't know if a Firefox script is producing the message, or if something else is.

It doesn't appear on the latest version of Safari or on Google Chrome.

Anyone else seeing it besides me?


TallGeekyGirl 17 March 2017 04:25 PM

Are you on Firefox version 52?

It's a new thing in that version. 52 is also blocking web apps like Java and Silverlight.

Psihala 17 March 2017 04:48 PM


I suspected it was something in Firefox because none of my other browsers were showing this message.

I like Firefox and all, but damn does it cause headaches sometimes.


Sue 17 March 2017 06:49 PM

I'm not getting that pop up message but I've noticed that in the address bar now it says :

Sue 17 March 2017 08:53 PM

Sigh. I'll try that again! I use google chrome and it now says " not secure" in the message bar and there is an exclamation point which if you click on it and open it warns you that any sensitive information you post could be "stolen by attackers". I never noticed this message until fairly recently.

htonl 17 March 2017 09:44 PM

The browser makers are making a big push towards HTTPS (encrypted connections) everywhere on the web, and especially anywhere that you enter passwords or other credentials that should be secure. This is why we are seeing these messages here, because this site doesn't do HTTPS.

Andrew of Ware 18 March 2017 08:01 PM

Yes, I was getting the message when I tried to log in to one of cricket forums. Before I was kept logged in, but now I have to sign in every time. Very annoying. Like Psihala I like Firefox, but I am wondering now if I should change to Chrome (which I use on my my mobile devices (phone and tablet).

DawnStorm 12 April 2017 02:47 PM

I use Chrome at work and see the same message.

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