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Four Kitties 27 February 2013 05:35 PM

5 Easy Ways to Spot a B.S. News Story on the Internet
The Internet, while awesome, is also a mind-boggling marvel of bullshit production and dissemination. A misleading or outright fake news story can get forwarded on Facebook a million times before can even write up their rebuttal (no, oral sex does not prevent breast cancer). Since the rise of social media, we get more and more of our news from each other, and far, far too many of us aren't asking ourselves the important question:

"Is the amazing news I'm about to share even f***ing true?"

Because most of the time, we don't need somebody else to debunk these stories for us -- not if we know what to look for.

JoeBentley 27 February 2013 06:06 PM loves Snopes.

Ali Infree 27 February 2013 08:43 PM

And the OP reminds us how many fewer threads we would have around this place without the Daily Mailor The Sun. Of course there are the other batshit crazy sites out there.


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