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snopes 09 December 2010 08:30 PM

When tinfoil hats aren't enough
Comment: I have refered to your site over and over again in past years.
but today will be the last time. I thought you were about truth not myth.
I am refering to your article about the pentagon on 9 11. Your so called
proofs are so blatantly false as to be laughable. Yes, Meyssan's report
was overdone. But at least they were not so transparantly false as your
report. As when you state that small pieces of airplane debris were
clearly visable. The picture you show makes it very clear that it's not,
airplane debris. If you have any knowledge of airplanes you would know
that the piece of thin plate did not come off of any 757 that Boeing ever
produced. Any other pictures of plane tradgedies you see huge pieces of
debris like TITANIUM JET ENGINES - TURBINES ECT... Which the jet fuel fire
was not hot enough to melt. They located darn near every nut bolt and
screw from the Challenger tradgedy and rebuilt it. People wake up. The
Pentagon is suppose to be the most secure building in the nation. There
are cameras covering everywhere inside and out. Yet our government
releases what was it 3 or 4 frames that raised more questions than they
answered. If a 757 hit that building prove it. SHOW THE FILM FOOTAGE.
UP THEIR STORY. I don't claim to know who was behind it or what really
happened that day I just know what our government told us was a lie. A
lie that enabled the "Patriot Act" to be passed. NEVER FORGET ONE OF
for you not to have addressed the issue at all than to perpetuate the lie.

snopes 13 December 2010 08:08 PM

Comment: I received an email discussing Hillory Clinton's signing of a UN
document granting the UN law power over any U.S. law. It inferred that she
had somehow granted the U.N. the ability to question and/or nullify any
U.S. law which may be passed. Is there any truth to this?

snopes 14 December 2010 07:49 PM

Comment: (a.) I was told that China has built three giant dams and this
has caused the earth to shift by 1".
(b.)And this is the cause of major weather patterns. Is this true?

Ieuan ab Arthur 14 December 2010 08:07 PM

With regard to your recent inquiry,

(a) No
(b) No

I'm glad we could be of help to you in this matter.

Ta ra 'wan,

Ieuan "Dammed if I do, Dammed if I don't" ab Arthur

GenYus234 14 December 2010 08:20 PM

How do you know the answer to (a) is No? The emailer could very well have been told that.

ETA: China completed the Three Gorges Dam in 2006. Since then, the earth is 16 cm farther away from the moon. I think the Chinese are trying to steal the moon.

snopes 14 December 2010 09:42 PM

Comment: A lady in our church announced that a Comfort Inn which she
patronized didn't allow placement of Bibles in their rooms (such as done
by The Gideons) and she was informed that this is evidently a policy of
the Comfort Inn chain. Another of her sources told her many motels are
now owned by Muslims and others of faiths antithetical to Christianity and
thus they don't allow Bibles to be placed in their rooms.

rockland6674 15 December 2010 12:41 PM

I had the experience of a Comfort Inn this past Thanksgiving. While I was casually looking through the dresser drawers, I happened upon *gasp* a BIBLE!!!*

*(Since Comfort Inn had tucked said bible away in a drawer, the godless scum were obviously trying to hide it.) :p

snopes 15 December 2010 10:23 PM

Comment: Please, tell me, if any American citizen persecutes and pursues
by American Government what he or she should do, is any international
organizations who can help to stop it.
I know it is unusual,strange and sound is insane,I was doctor of
neurology during twenty years and I know how people get mental or
neurological disorders, but it is true because it happened with me, and a
lot of things I can prove it. I can't explain to you in this message what
exactly is the problem, but since 1998 to present time my and hole my
family life have been destroyed, esspecially my son life. If anybody is
going to help us I'm going to give full information of my problem.
Please, help us, we are suffering very severly, we didn't do anything
wrong, don't ignore my message,please.

GenYus234 15 December 2010 10:48 PM

I know it isn't really funny and that neurological disorders covers a large variety of problems, but the idea of "trust my paranoid sounding ramblings because I have a self-admitted neurological disorder" is pretty funny to me.

One-Fang 16 December 2010 03:49 AM

Um, that's "because I am a neurologist" not "because I have a disorder". I can see how that could be perceived as better.

One of the things in life that absolutely freaking TERRIFIES me is the idea of losing my mind like this. Here we have someone who claims to understand how neurological diseases work and understand them quite well, who clearly has one and doesn't recognise it. My mind is really all I have. I can take being crippled, I can take being a doddery old bat, but I do NOT want to fall into a make believe world and become unable to function in this one...

GenYus234 16 December 2010 02:29 PM

I was basing my interpretation on:

I know how people get mental or neurological disorders, but it is true because it happened with me

One-Fang 16 December 2010 05:58 PM

That means "I understand how these things can appear to happen when there is a neurological disorder involved, but in this case these things actually *did* happen to me, not just appear to happen, this is not a neurological disorder as I know and understand them, it's genuinely happening to me."

GenYus234 16 December 2010 06:02 PM

And the rest of the item is about how the government gave the writer the neurological condition. Which is what makes it funny. The "proof" that the government is out to get the writer is the fact that the writer has a neurological condition.

snopes 29 December 2010 07:39 AM

Comment: I have read up on the Executive Orders 10995 through 11005, I
have looked through the Mount Weather complex, I know all about the
Amero. What I want to know is what and when are we the people going to do
to protect America. Even our forefathers saw this coming. I am not a
conspiracy theory person, I don't live in Montanna in a Bunker. I am an
average American with a strong desire to see her succeed. What do we need
to do, the mainstream needs to know what is going on and they need to know
now. I do NOT want to think that America has no chance, It is up to use
to stop this soon.

snopes 30 December 2010 05:11 PM

Referred by:

Comment: This isn't the first time you were wrong, & it won't be the last.
You are wrong about kagan/obama, you are wrong about this"smartcard"

snopes 02 January 2011 06:24 PM

Comment: You document that Obama was born in the United States. However,
can show my actual given birth certificate to anyone in a moments notice
and was required to show it when I got my driver's license. Why does he
not dispel these rumors once and for all and just release his actual birth
certificate? He even joked about his birth certificate being hard to
find, yet you state that people have actually examined his original birth
certificate, proving that it is not hard to find and documenting that it
exists. Yet, he still will not show it.

Obama created the controversy and rumors himself and continues to
perpetuate them. Why does he do this? If he revealed his original
certificate, all this will go away!

Dr. Winston O'Boogie 03 January 2011 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by snopes (Post 1380072)
Obama created the controversy and rumors himself and continues to
perpetuate them. Why does he do this? If he revealed his original
certificate, all this will go away!

He has. It hasn't. He shouldn't have to.

snopes 03 January 2011 08:44 PM

Comment: Since you insist on lying for Obama in regard to the
Certification of Live Birth. I nolonger trust your site at all. I do not
believe he was not born here. I just know that no one lists race as
African. So it is obviously not real.

GenYus234 03 January 2011 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. Winston O'Boogie (Post 1380693)
He has. It hasn't. He shouldn't have to.

More accurately, he didn't, he has, it hasn't, and he shouldn't have to.

Photo Bob 04 January 2011 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by snopes (Post 1380777)
I do not believe he was not born here.

If he was born here, which you say you believe, then what is your point?

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