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Psihala 09 November 2017 06:18 AM

New questions after video emerges of Roy Halladay's final flight
There are new questions about the small plane Roy Halladay was flying when he crashed into the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday near Tampa, Florida.

The new video shows what appears to be Halladay's final moments -- flying close to the water before crashing the ICON A5 he'd owned for less than a month.

BoKu 09 November 2017 03:27 PM

Rick Durden published this piece in AvWeb about 17 days before the Halliday accident. In my book, the gold standard is to stay three mistakes above the ground if at all possible:


I think itís great that Icon has stepped up to squarely face the issue of protecting pilots who want to have fun flying low. I think the other manufacturers should consider doing the same thing because pilots are using their airplanes for that purpose. Flying low is a blast. The way to stay alive doing it is to receive formal training in how to do it right; not rely on information whispered in the back alleys.
It's a blast because it gets your adrenaline going. And it does that because of the whole, y'know, impending dismemberment and violent death thing. That's kind of what blasts are known for.

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