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A Turtle Named Mack 11 August 2017 10:22 PM

Australian Fetus First to Undergo Intrauterine Chiropractic Adjustment
When Radin Thomlinson is born next month, healthy and strong despite having been diagnosed with a number of spinal subluxations while still in his mother’s womb, it will be in no small part thanks to a cutting edge chiropractic therapy known as an Open Fetal Spinal Adjustment (OFSA).

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GenYus234 11 August 2017 10:55 PM

How is this fetus the first to undergo the adjustment when the chiropractor has done it twice before? Something's fishy about this satirical story.

thorny locust 12 August 2017 03:10 AM

From the article:


Once Baby Radin’s mother is anesthetized using an ancient blend of acupuncture, hypnosis, intravenous propofol and inhaled isoflurane, Dr. Burlingame will make a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen. This will allow for exposure of the uterus and subsequent hysterotomy, which will provide access to the baby for correction of his subluxations. After the spinal adjustments are performed using a tiny Activator, he will be returned to his mother’s uterus and the amniotic fluid replaced with organic water and Noni juice.
Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

ETA: For that matter, see the article header.

ETA twice: Which I suspect ATNM already has.

Sue 12 August 2017 04:22 PM

Shouldn't this be in Fun House?

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