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snopes 25 April 2015 05:55 PM

Teddy bear
Comment: The legend of the Teddy Bear and Roosevelt

As a young boy, I heard the story of how Teddy Roosevelt saved the life of
a young bear cub since he did not want to participate in a "canned hunt".

Imagine my surprise when somebody at work told me that Yes, Roosevelt did
spare the bear's life, but a member of his hunting party later slit the
poor bear's throat!!!

I could not find this anywhere online.

Is the death of the bear an urban legend?

Psihala 25 April 2015 06:37 PM

Not according to an article from

After the bear was cornered and attacked by dogs, having it's skull crushed by the president's guide, and tied to a tree, Roosevelt refused to shoot it because it would be unsportsmanlike.


[Holt] Collier then approached the bear with another hunter and, after a terrible struggle in the water, killed it with his knife. The animal was slung over a horse and taken back to camp.
The cartoon that inspired the Teddy Bear bore no resemblance at all to the actual event.


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